World’s longest walking road

World's longest walk route

Earth is a large planet, it has around 1 trillion cubic kilometers in volume. Its circumference is 24,901 miles (40,075km). This size is really big and there is plenty of surface area. However, not all of the surface of Earth can be used for walking, for instance around 2/3 of its surface is covered with water (or 71%). Oceans are about 96.5% percent of all the water.

The surface that we can actually walk on is less than 30% of the total, and it is also divided into huge land areas – called continents. There are 7 such continents on earth – Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. They are separated by water, so the longest walking route won’t be a straight line.

The longest walk route actually goes through several countries and few continents.

Where does the longest walk route start and finish

The beginning of the longest uninterrupted walking router starts all the way from South Africa. Africa is actually a big continent, and there is plenty of walking options, however, at its end, there are not many options for continuing by foot. So we start from the farthest southern point in Africa, continue through the entire continent to the northeast point.

It crosses countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and goes into Russia. At the end of the African continent, it crosses the border into Jordan which is at the start of the Asian continent. The route continues through Russia and ends in the northeast point of the country – Magadan.

You would cross more than 5 time zones to complete the entire route. It will also take you thousands of hours.

How much is the longest route

As you can imagine the route is not a straight line, as it travels through several countries it adds up to 22,387km in total or 13,910 miles. This would take more than 4000 hours of walking. There are also ascends and descends along the route, which are estimated to be more than 100 000 meters.

World’s longest walks

There are many different long walks that have been recorded in world history. There are group walks, duo walks, and solo walks. Here are some of them:

As you can see, people have been doing such long walks for decades.