Why do Vehicle use ABS

Why do vehicles use ABS

Cars have been around since late 1800s. We have been using them more and more, nowadays is a standard a family to own one or even two cars. They have been improved a lot since the first mass production models. They have better security, less air resistance design, air conditioners, gps nagations, cruise control, better brakes and so many more.

What is ABS

ABS stands for Antilock Braking System. This is a commonly used system in many vehicles and motorcycles. The system functions by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking. This is an automated system that uses electronic control unit and wheel speed sensors.

The ECU monitors the speed of heels and if there is a difference in rotation between them it activates reducing or increasing the pressure to the applied brake force. This happens many times per second. This makes the car stable and less likely to slip on different conditions.

The ECU has specific values as not every difference in motion between wheels would mean there is slipping, for example when we make a turn wheels on the inside of the turn move a lot less than the wheels on the outside, as have to travel more distance since.

What is friction

This is the resistance of motion between two objects. It is the force between two surfaces that are trying to slide. Bigger friction in tires is better and it is usually achieved by increasing the width of the tires of a vehicle. Since more load and more size increases the friction forces. This makes the car more stable and less likely to skid.

When do vehicles use ABS

ABS is always active if your vehicle is equipped with it. It only activates itself when the ECU gets information from the speed sensors that there is difference in speed in wheels. This mostly happens when you press the brakes too hard from a high speed and your tires are locking.

Why do vehicles use ABS

Vehicles use the ABS for security measures and to decrease the braking distance. The best moment to reduce the speed it right before the wheel locks. So the system does exactly that, releases the brakes to the wheels wont lock and presses them again in pulsing motion to decrease the stopping distance and provide better vehicle control