Why being bored might be good

Why being bored might be good

Getting bored might sound like something that you wish to avoid. It might sound bad, a waste of time, and something that is not necessary at all. We have different types of entertainment – TV, cell phones, gaming consoles, bars, discos, games, going out with friends, working out, reading, listening to music, podcasts, hiking, and many many more.

Those activities are all great, you can sit back and relax – watch some TV after a long workday. You can also go out and play some football with friends, to get energized and excited and you can have fun with friends. Boredom is not something that people enjoy, they actively try to avoid it. You know what is the first thing you want to do when you are bored – anything to get some fun.

You might even prefer doing some work just so you don’t get bored. What if boredom is actually a natural part of human nature? And what if boredom is actually quite useful and really interesting? Let’s find out more.

What is boredom

First thing when we want to mention is that everybody gets bored from time to time. It is that feeling that you are simply not interested in the place or activity that you are right now. Let’s say you are in class at school and the teacher is talking about a topic that you don’t really enjoy, you simply don’t want to know about it, so you just sit there and you are not even listening just waiting for the teacher to end the speech and the class to be dismissed.

Boredom is not a fun feeling. It definitely makes most people uncomfortable and sometimes angry and frustrated. It can influence their behavior in negative ways. They might start doing stuff like eating or drinking just so they have something to do.

Boredom is a feeling of displeasing with the subject or object that you are currently listening to or watching. It makes you feel anxious and you wish to entertain yourself and change the activity.

What is creativity

The world is changing constantly, and we have to keep on improving and creating new ideas and solutions. Creativity is mostly used as a phrase in arts, to show the painting of the artist, they have to be creative and represent it on paper with colors and shapes. However, creativity, in general, is actually a process that people create new things, that are helpful and interesting. For example, a creative idea, solution, illustration, and many more. Creativeness helps people start a business, find a different better solution or new path.

Creativity drives a lot of the innovation of the world. The phone, the TV, the radio, the space shuttle, and many many more are a product of careful engineering and of course creativity of a person.

Creativity is creating something new and useful. Some people tend to be more creative, and others tend to prefer the older working ideas.

Both can be helpful of course.

Why being bored might be good

There are researches that people have tried to find out more about creativity and boredom. One example is a study that tried to find if boredom would increase creativity in people. They have 80 participants a boring activity or not and then followed that with a creative task. There is also another one with 90 participants who varied in the type of boring activity they undertook. They found that boring activities helped people have better creativity and that boring reading activities lead to more creativity.

There is also a study in Pennsylvania State University to judge whether participants would change their creativity. They found that those who were bored performed better.

There are more researches like that, which point out that being bored improves creativity. The reason might be that when we are bored we start to wonder and our minds are free to think about solutions for different problems, or maybe to create new ideas that are inspiring and helpful. We can find a better solution or maybe a new easier way to increase our productivity.

In conclusion

Instead of trying to find all kinds of ways to have fun, maybe you should just let yourself relax for a while. And when you feel that nagging feeling that you are bored, you should stay bored for a while. You can create amazing ideas and especially if you love to draw or love to create different arts you might find this really helpful