Is Everest the tallest point on earth

Is everest the tallest point on earth?

You have probably heard that Everest is the highest summit in the world with its 29 031ft (or 8848m) altitude above sea level. And this should be enough to answer the question, right? Well not exactly, the context is really important. So let’s dig up a bit more about this specific topic, and see if the top position holds.

How is altitude measured

Altitude might be defined as the distance between objects, but for the purpose of mountain measurement, it is often used to measure the above sea level. This is a measure of the vertical distance (elevation, height, or altitude) of a location, and the mean sea level. The sea level is actually a mean level which means it has to be measured when the sea is completely calm which is hard to achieve, so in practice is measuring the elevation of the ocean at a particular location over the course of several days or more.

Everest altitude

When we talk about Mt. Everest we measure its height, from the mean sea level to its summit. This is the number 29031ft or 8848m. There are a little bit of debates, stating that the actual height is 8844m and there are 4 meters of snow on its summit. If we consider the mean sea level as the starting point, then Everest it the tallest summit in the world.

Everest is the earth’s highest mountain above sea level. It is located in the Himalayas. It attracts many climbers from all around the world. It is a complicated place to climb, as it has many difficulties such as lack of oxygen, bad weather conditions, avalanches, and many more. Hundreds of people have died on Everest. In the 1922 expedition, British pushed the north ridge route up to 8320m (27,300ft) which is the first time a human had climbed above 8000 m ( 26 247 ft). The first official ascent was made by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953 by the southeast ridge route.

What is Chimborazo

Chimborazo is inactive volcano in the Andes in Chimborazo Province of Ecuador. It has a peak of 6263m (20 548ft). This makes it also the highest mountain in Ecuador. It is the 39th highest peak in the Andes. It is known for climbing. So why do we mention it when we are talking about the tallest point on eart? Well, as the Earth is not a perfect globe it has equatorial buldge. And Chimborazo is located on that area. This makes it the farthest point on the Earth’s surface from its center.

Mountain Mauna Kea

Mountain Mau Kea might not be among the highest peaks in the world, but it actually holds a record of the tallest mountain from base to peak, which is more than 33 000 feet (or more than 10 kilometers).