How much is the longest jump ever

Longest jump in the world

If you love sports, then you have probably asked yourself questions like, what is the fastest man or woman, what is the longest run distance, or maybe what is the highest jump ever? How about what is the longest jump ever made in the world? If you want to find out more, let’s go into more details.

What is a long jump

The long jump is a sports event that requires speed, strength, and agility from the best athletes in the world. They attempt to travel more and more distance through the air to achieve farther jumping overall distance. The long jump requires speed and great precision from athletes. Athletes try to gradually accelerate to maximum speed since the distance of the object is mainly connected with its velocity this is a crucial part of the event. Athletes need to speed up and control the distance, speed, and angle that they jump off, to achieve maximum performance and outstanding results.

Longest olympic jumps

Olympics is one of the most world-renowned events that top athletes can compete for and achieve amazing results. The long jump has been one of the main events, where athletes can compete who will achieve a greater distance of leaping. Here are some of the top positions through the ages:
1901 – 7.61 m
1921 – 7.69m
1935 – 8.13m
1964 – 8.31m
1968 – 8.90m
as you can see athletes were able to achieve amazing results. But the longest jump in the world is even greater than the records displayed above.

Who is Mike Powell

Michael Powell is born in 1963 in Philadelphia.
He attended Edgewood High School in California.
He is a two-time world champion and also a two-time Olympic medalist.
He has won a silver medal for long jump in the 1988 summer Olympics and later on, he broke the world record for the longest jump ever recorded in the history of the world. He broke the world record in 1991. He won a silver medal at the 1992 Olympics and then he won the long jump in 19993 World Championships in Athletics and then became third in 1995.
He also competed in 1992-93 foot locket Slam fest and dunked from the free-throw line. Powel became an analyst for Yahoo! Sports.

What is the world longest jump

In 1991 at the World Championships in Athletics, Mike Powell breaks the world record for long jump of 8.90m, as he jumps 5cm more, which makes him the world holder. He also holds a non-legal jump record which is 8.99m which he performed in Italy in 1992.