How do cellphones vibrate

How do cellphones vibrate

The vibration of the cellphones is a great feature that helps us put the phones without a sound when we are in a meeting for example, it can also help us be notified when somebody is calling or texting us when we are outside in a loud environment such as a bar or a club. The vibration is a great feature that most cell phones have, but how is it achieved?

What is a vibration

Vibrations are a motion of an object. They can easily be observed when we pull and release an elastic body such as a spring. By releasing the spring we create a motion because of displaced internal forces which bring it back to the original position.

When the body reaches that point the elastic energy converted into kinetic makes the body to continue to move in the opposite direction, where the kinetic energy is converted into strain energy and the body tries to return to equilibrium. This continues for some time until the spring stabilizes its original position. Vibrations can be measured by their amplitude and also frequency which means how fast the vibration happens.

Why do we have vibrations in our cellphones

Vibrations are a form of notification. You know that there are 3 main types of notification in most modern smartphones – sound, vibration and mixture.

Of course, you can turn them all off too. Sound is sufficient notification function in most cases, you hear your favorite ringtone or new song and you know that somebody is calling.

However early on manufacturers have discovered that you need some other type of notification for noisy environments such as when you are outside or in a club. It can also help if you have your phone in your purse and it lowers the amount of sound, as it acts as a silencer. VIbrations can also be used to simulate a keypress, which is convenient when people type and they want to make sure they actually pressed the letter. Vibration functionality is also interactive functionality in many different applications such as games and more.

How is vibration achieved

In the first incorporation of the vibrations as an additional notification, the vibrations were achieved by the battery of the device. Nowadays manufacturers incorporated different technology. This technology uses the method of rotating unbalance. This is an uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation. So most cellphones now use electrical motors, that have a weight on their end that when the motor is activated it starts to spin, due to its design it has unbalance and when the motor is spinning the weight it creates an unbalanced effect which in turn makes the phone vibrate.