How does other people's opinion affect our own

Effects of others’ opinion on our own

April, 2021

We are social creatures, we have family, close friends, people we know, and communicate with strangers all the time. We live in societies, we have laws and expectations. Our behavior towards one another is regulated by others’ and our moral structure. When we want to make a choice, even something small as what color shoes […]

Why do vehicles use ABS

Why do Vehicle use ABS

April, 2021

Cars have been around since late 1800s. We have been using them more and more, nowadays is a standard a family to own one or even two cars. They have been improved a lot since the first mass production models. They have better security, less air resistance design, air conditioners, gps nagations, cruise control, better […]

Duning Kruger study

What is the Dunning-Kruger effect

April, 2021

Many people tend to under or overestimate their abilities. There are many reasons people can underestimate their skills and abilities, for instance, low self-esteem, high expectations, depending to whom a person compares himself, and many more. There are also many reasons people overestimate their abilities too, for example – people with low self-esteem or people […]

The Pareto principle

What is The Pareto principle

April, 2021

There are many complicated things involved in people’s life. Understanding the general population statistics of different categories is a complicated task even for the most renowned philosophers. There is a famous principle that helps many companies and gurus that can help understand some of the main social statistics. Who is Vilfredo Pareto Vilfredo Pareto was […]