How do batteries work

Batteries are used to power many different devices. We can find them in our cell phones, tablets, laptops, watches, cars and many more. They are quite commonly used device. Batteries are different sizes and shapes and offer different capacity and voltage. What is a battery Batteries are a power package. They produce electrical energy. They […]

What is an LED

You might be familiar with the term LED, maybe you heard it about your monitor or TV at home. The technology behind LEDs is quite recent as it was first invented in 1962. However, since the LED did not have that much practical use due to its limitations that it only produced RED visible light. […]

Why do Vehicle use ABS

Cars have been around since late 1800s. We have been using them more and more, nowadays is a standard a family to own one or even two cars. They have been improved a lot since the first mass production models. They have better security, less air resistance design, air conditioners, gps nagations, cruise control, better […]

How do capacitive touchscreens work

In the world, more than 4 billion people use smartphones. They are incredibly powerful and complex devices that can do so many different tasks. One of their main component is the screen, as more than 90% ot the cellphones have one. The touchsceren is not just a screen, but a main way to interact with […]

How do cellphones vibrate

The vibration of the cellphones is a great feature that helps us put the phones without a sound when we are in a meeting for example, it can also help us be notified when somebody is calling or texting us when we are outside in a loud environment such as a bar or a club. […]

Why do we use 0 and 1 in digital devices

You have probably heard about how every digital device basically uses zeroes and ones to work. But we know that devices such as computers and cell phones can be used for so many diferent purposes, can all their work be just about zeroes and ones? Let’s find out. What is binary Binary is a system […]

How much is the longest jump ever

If you love sports, then you have probably asked yourself questions like, what is the fastest man or woman, what is the longest run distance, or maybe what is the highest jump ever? How about what is the longest jump ever made in the world? If you want to find out more, let’s go into […]

Is Everest the tallest point on earth

You have probably heard that Everest is the highest summit in the world with its 29 031ft (or 8848m) altitude above sea level. And this should be enough to answer the question, right? Well not exactly, the context is really important. So let’s dig up a bit more about this specific topic, and see if […]

What is the color of a mirror

If you ever wonder about the colors of different objects, you probably won’t be wondering about the color of a fruit, the trees, or the color of your car. Even though colors might have long names such as Moccasin, Khaki, Lavender, and many more, we can categorize them into the several most commonly found categories […]

Why do Trees get hit by Lightning

We all have heard that we should stay away from trees during a storm, especially when there is lightning. This is what we are all taught when we are kids. Later on, we find out at school that there are different conductivities for different materials, so electricity flows better through materials with lower resistance. We […]