Corona Virus

In one day, 111 corona patients died in the country

 The number of people affected by the Corona virus across the country is 148,921, Recover 56,390, and 2,839 deaths. According to the National Command and Research Center, 4,443 green cases were reported in 24 hours and 111 patients were transferred. There have been 25,015 more tests in a single day in the country when a total of 922,665 tests are done.

Corona has the highest number of patients in Punjab where 55,878 cases are being reported so far. 55,581 cases were reported in Sindh, 18,472 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 8,327 in Balochistan, 8,857 in Islamabad, 663 in Azad Kashmir and 1,143 in Gilgit-Baltistan. Health 24 hours 267 patients are in good health from Corona or the number of patients due to health has reached 56,390.

Corona Virus

 Lockdown analysis in three districts of Karachi

Lockdown analysis is to be continued in three districts to curb the spread of Coronavirus in Karachi. The letter from the District Health Officer of Korangi said that the cases are more in Korangi number two and a half, number one and number four and Mehran Town. So far more than 2400 cases of Corona have been reported in these areas while Solar Society, Saadat Colony; Cases are also on the rise in Mardan Chowk and Shah Faisal No. 2.

The letter from Malir district officer said that cases were also high in Malir Khokhra Par, Kala Board, UC9, UC11 Landhi, and other areas. District Health Officer Gharbi in a letter to the Deputy Commissioner said that in terms of the number of Corona patients in the district, the site is first and Baldia Town is second.

 According to the letter, 34 corona cases have been registered in Gulshan-e-Maymar and Khuda Ki Basti areas of Gadap Town. In addition, there are 20 patients in Kemari Town, UC-1, Bhatta Village, Saeedabad, Masjid Road, and Umar Khan Road, while UC-2, Sultanabad, Habib Public School Street has 34 patients in Corona.

The letter said that there are 47 patients of Corona in UC3 Kemari Docks and Majeed Colony, 37 patients of Corona in Baldia Town UC3 Islamnagar Naval Colony while 41 people in UC4 New Population Sector 4C and 8B are infected with Corona. Are

According to the letter, UC5 Saeedabad 5J, A3 has 134 Corona patients, UC6 Muslim Mujahid, Afridi Colony has 27 Corona patients, UC7 Refugee Camp, and Cocaine Colony also has 30 Corona patients while the site Town UC4 Metroville has the highest number of 149 corona patients.

Corona Virus

According to the letter, 44 cases of Corona were reported in UC-6 Frontier Colony Sector 4, 5, UC-7 Banaras Islamia, 28 Orangi Town of Corona in Subhani Mohalla, UC-6 Ghaziabad, 41 UC-11 in Christian Colony, Data Nagar 7A, Seven B, Sector 8. I have 31 patients of Corona while UC12 has 27 patients in Mujahid Colony, Millatabad, Gulfamabad, and Aligarh Colony. Health officials have suggested immediate smart lockdown in the affected areas. It should be noted that the number of Corona cases in Sindh is more than 55,000 out of which more than half are from Karachi.

Corona virus and precautions

Taking these precautions against the coronavirus can make it easier to win the war against the epidemic. Sometime in the morning should be spent in the sun, do not sit with the rooms closed, but open the doors and windows and let the light sun come into the rooms. Instead of running the AC in closed rooms, sit in the fan air.UV rays in the sun’s rays affect the proteins that emerge on the outer structure of the virus and weaken the virus. High temperatures or heat have no effect on the virus, but high UV rays weaken the virus.

Heat water and place in a thermos and drink half a cup of lukewarm water every hour. The virus first infects the throat and from there reaches the lungs. Using hot water, the virus travels from the throat to the stomach, where the virus becomes ineffective.

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