Monthly Archives: June 2020

Corona Virus

Corona virus attacks have become more deadly in the country and in the last 24 hours, the epidemic has claimed 136 more lives. According to the National Command and Operations Center, 28,117 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours while a total of 950,782 tests have been conducted. In 24 hours, another 5,839… Read More »

Corona Virus

In one day, 111 corona patients died in the country  The number of people affected by the Corona virus across the country is 148,921, Recover 56,390, and 2,839 deaths. According to the National Command and Research Center, 4,443 green cases were reported in 24 hours and 111 patients were transferred. There have been 25,015 more… Read More »

High Heels

Shoes of each make and style are appreciated by women over the globe anyway it is the heel, whether or not stiletto or stage that is pined for, cherished, needed in such abundance essentially in and of the shoe itself. They’re everywhere. They go crazy in books, date-books, photographs, assortment and movie fronts, dangling in… Read More »