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In the domain of style, women are progressively on edge to make them look marvelous and perfect reliably than men do. Taking into account this reality, women direct the universe of configuration even until today. Why men are so left at the back when we talk about style? Is it genuine that it was a consequence of their association with the kind of pieces of clothing they are going to wear? Is it safe to state that it was they are reluctant to have a go at something new and pick the dress they are generally open to wearing? , the globe provides food more to women. In that limit, women have more choices, While, in the past men were seen as really alright with what was open for them, today, things have ended up being tremendously unique.

The universe of men’s structure has changed Men’s style changes have been moderate, notwithstanding, they have been genuinely particular. Women’s style changes each season and these movements are clear yet with men’s plan, the movements are slight anyway without question. If you consider the movements that have happened over the past, state, 50 or so years, these are radical yet if you look in the past 10-15 years, you wouldn’t more likely than not watch an especially unmistakable complexity. This, in any case, doesn’t suggest that there have been no changes. Men’s style has created and will continue progressing. With the occurrence to new-age planners, the possible results are inconceivable. Men’s style is never debilitating and over the coming years, we might just have the ability to see something incredibly radical and absolutely not equivalent to what we’re used to.

The purpose behind the paper to Identify the current condition of the Men’s Casual sportswear Industry in Sri Lanka, Idea behind this to Identify the Limitations and establishments for confined advancement of the market find openings and risks and offer a solid response for beat those standing up to issues to get a snappy and strong improvement to the men’s agreeable sportswear Industry in Sri Lanka. My energy for men’s nice wear organizing drove me to pick the above subject as I am genuinely stressed over structure up a Local Casual sportswear brand which is proportional to an International Casual Sportswear brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, GAP. In addition, all through the hypothesis analyze I found that there are confined sources to amass information notwithstanding the way that the Sri Lankan ordinary Joes wear agreeable sportswear they are not instructed about that most were even unpracticed with the term Casual sportswear so another inspiration driving mine is to give solid research to best of my ability where some other organizer can acknowledge it concerning future reference and where there will be sufficient to finish an article for a magazine where the learning can be scattered to fundamental Joes. The central inspiration to use Abercrombie and Fitch is that I am a devotee of the Brand, as planner opportunity, expressiveness, creativity are several gigantic attributes that I find in the brand.

In order to complete my assessment I will start off my proposition with History of the men’s accommodating wear in the early commonplace time which it’s the standard effect time of an undeniable change in the men’s agreeable wear in Sri Lanka and starting there, I will discuss the basic change in the men’s attitude towards the sentiment of style, and I wish to analyze the standard men’s dress “The Sarong” which was the nice garments in Sri Lanka for a significant long time. As my topic is on Casual sportswear I should make reference to about the impact of the American culture in the sportswear as it’s an earnest point in the proposition, the sportswear was acknowledged to appear in America in the midst of the 1940s as plans which suit for the helpful regular day to day existence considering the way that in the smooth 30’s both the British and the French planners were standard while the Americans were more into sensible wear

Further continuing forward, in my significance concentrate to offer a response for agreeable sportswear industry I will research the roots in order to find a few solutions concerning a similar number of as causes so the I can get significant learning in the subject.


Starting with the standard garments of the Sri Lanka the “strong “the reason for the sarong is called to be in the fifteenth century, The sarong has been the rule thing of articles of clothing to local people of South East Asia, In South East Asia, the two individuals wore the sarong. Truth be told, for the male in the warm tropics, the sarongs have been up till today, the principle bit of clothing wore! How when and where did everything start? Portuguese writer Duarte Barbosa as demonstrated by him, the man of Malacca wore only a sarong for normal interests close to the beginning of the fifteenth century. The piece of clothing was uniquely crafted – from banana or pineapple fiber and concealed hues made out of vegetables, the garment originates from the midsection to the calf or to the lower leg, with an unsown trim.

The piece of clothing had ceaseless practical vocations. Besides being the step by step dress, it was used to cover the whole of the body like a sheet when leaving to bed and used to cover the body while washing as a bathing suit as the adults don’t shower uncovered as a custom in the natural. There were a couple of various businesses of the piece of clothing like using for the help or to pass on things using the sarong as a pack. It is like manner filled in as a spread. Things being what they are there was no other garment in the history that has such an enormous number of businesses and which was so useful.

Men of each ethnic get-together wore sarong either with a banyan most by far of everybody’s occupation was developing so while accomplishing work they just wore it uncovered body. The technique for wearing the sarong was the differentiation from one another the Sinhalese wore the sarong in a straightforward wrap, hitched in the front using a comparative piece of clothing, or using a touch of texture as a belt. In the Tamil social order the Tamil man wore the sarong, they called it vert. The sarong has reappeared over the latest couple of decades and recognized as a well-known garment for the Sri Lankan male.


The sportswear was ascending to the American culture in the midst of the 1940s by the organizers like Clare Potter and Claire Cordell. They thought of new and inventive structures that suit for a convenient lifestyle. The Paris plans were logically standard where the American structures were progressively helpful and sensible for a reasonable lifestyle. The sportswear was structure as readied to wear pieces of clothing that were extensively open and express the peculiarity. The Americas had an extraordinary culture of games like b-ball, baseball, and football which had striking styles. The baseball shirt was a trademark of the pre-adult that shows their style and enthusiasm. The American high Scholl culture expected an essential activity in forming sportswear into a regular lifestyle. The Letterman Jacket is a trademark of the optional school youth around at that point. The golf wear was an accommodating shrewd option for men around them. The American plan has an imperative pledge to sportswear which bunches the American culture. That gives you comfort, style, opportunity, express autonomy, and opportunity.


I picked Abercrombie and Fitch as the base Brand in the suggestion so I will encounter History of A&F and A&F Manufacturing method to pitching the thing to the client, Marketing and Branding, Pricing for SL promote in order to enlarge the arrangement and catch the market, David T. Abercrombie, and Ezra H. Fitch together meandered Abercrombie and Fitch in 1892 it was at first started as an outside provisions store which sold howdy end pursuing apparatus outside gear and calculating contraption to the nature darlings who do outdoors practices it was very notable among the rich colleagues in the midst of that time as they give the best in the market. Houston based wearing stock association was asserted Abercrombie and Fitch from 1978-1979 and it opened stores in, Dallas, Beverley Hills, and in New York City until it was controlled by The Limited, an Ohio based association. Michael Jeffries transformed into the CEO of the Abercrombie and Fitch and develop the brand which started as an open-air supplies store, into a multimillion clothing line that sells a “difficulty” that fits the association’s new agreeable rich lifestyle. Mike Jeffries as CEO the association has meandered into another market by open various lead stores and mall stores all around the country similarly as comprehensively.

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