Vehicle Insurance

You guarantee your benefits. We will make it hassle-free your car is a fundamental part of your daily life. Engine insurance is cheap car insurance that covers you and your vehicle in the event of an accident, robbery, or fire.


Complete insurance coverage

Excessive external involvement, mobs, strikes, ventricular damage, and frightening outbreaks How to Financially Know How to Prevent Your Vehicle Surprising Damage


Recovers your time and reduces the hassle

The terms and conditions apply. Tips for managing archives for restrictions and more details.


Standard Contracted Bank Nepal is a licensed Corporate Specialist for Regulated General Insurance Goods for SICL (Share Insurance Organization Consolidated).

SICL guarantees SICL insurance plans and, as such, the matters will be dealt with by SICL in accordance with the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

For additional submissions or risk factors, terms, and conditions, please read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing anything. If you do not mind the careful terms and conditions and the strategy record for clear eyewear suitable for the insurance approach. Standard Approved Bank of Nepal does not accept any obligation, nor does any guarantee disclosure or estimate of the accuracy, reliance, and fulfillment of any declaration of oversight or monitoring of any arrangement of insurance and bank contract. It does not give acknowledge any risk of misconduct or loss of any kind, which may be due to your request, its receipt, the lawsuit under it or the insurance contract. Right now your investment will be just a deliberate one. We encourage you to take part before you participate.

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