With the certification of the F11 Professional, Oppo wanted to build on the strength they had in 2018. The next-thinking Oppo F11 Professional is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera, 4,000mAh battery, a spring-up Selfie camera, and no-score bezel-less screens. Phone gear looks unusual on the front, as it may be, how can it function normally? This is our OPO F11 Professional Audit. If you are focusing on PDA’s Opo’s developing game plan, there is no denying that they are making the most attractive mobile phones inaccessible. The F11 Master is no exception. Oppo F11 Professional has a typical glass sandwich structure with a metal edge. What is hidden sponsorship? The phone comes in two hiding options: Thunder Dark and Aurora Green.


Our OPF 11 Expert Review Unit is eye-catching Thunder Dark and the photos don’t really show how amazing this hide is. This is a triple-concealing phenomenon, with the color from dark to red to red and shortly afterward to blue. Oppo has done some amazing work with Slate Tone in a huge number of his past defeats, and Thunder Dark is another astonishing place. The spring-up Selfie Camera is probably also unusual in the F11 Star’s structure; however, this is not an important event when we have seen the automatic spring camera up in a phone. Although everything is not progressive, we have seen something similar to Oppo Discover X and View Views. We have included a mobile phone for the occasion with a spring up camera advance towards the United States, although there may be a change of 7 with the addition. Oppo teamed up this spring to create a camera on the F11 Professional with a passion for phone arrangements. The housing that the forward-looking camera incorporates is as clear, giving it a rock-like appearance. Usually jumps when using a camera application or another application that misuses the front camera, for example, Snap Talk. When you leave the application, it will be retracted. You can also force the camera, as it is, maybe you should not do it.

In my many days of testing spring cameras, groundless work has been done, yet the fact will be revealed in the long run to what extent this camera will remain valuable under constant use. The front of the gear will be a major concern and having such a compact part protects the F11 star from being water safe. We will talk slowly about the forward glance camera in the camera piece of our OPF11 Professional Study. The rest of the Oppo F11S is not quite comparable to accessible mobile phones, yet there are a number of unusual contradictions. The OPO logo and “Arranged by OPO” engraved on the back. Something different, the device is perfect for any checking. The corners are balanced and the sides are lowered, giving the phone a smooth shape and more comfort in the hand. I likewise respect some of the more subtle management touches, like the opaque map circle on the upper and the base of the packaging, and the green feature on the force. In an era when mobile phones are widely known, by all accounts, you cannot be separated, these are the few contacts that can go a long way in increasing PDA.



Oppo F11 is equipped with expert Helios P70 processor, the latest mid-range chipset of mediators and 6GB of memory. This is not the most dominant course of admission. In any case, the Helio P70 is more than a capable chipset and supports 13% of the previous P60 display. In common use, our OPF11 Professional Study Unit offers a fluid experience. Investigating through the interface, interfacing is smooth and responsive, and it is not a problem to specify different letters between applications. Gaming on the F11 Professional is additionally a mind-blowing experience. Graphically entertaining entertainment runs around effectively without having to be intoxicated or slack. Oppo has developed its own high-speed engine hyper lift, named for regular running and dynamically executed gaming. It can allocate system resources to the Advertising Gaming Foundation. As a result, there are 11 significant turning points, including PUBG and the Field of Valorie, which have been improved indefinitely for hyper lift.

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