K2 Mountain

At 28,251 feet, the second tallest mountain in the world, K2 pushes the sky beyond the Karakoram Range in northern Pakistan. Mountaineers see this as a complete success in climbing, taking everything into account. On as many occasions as deadly as Everest, K2 has assassinated the Saturn climber since 1954. In August 2008, eleven mountaineers kicked the canoe over K2 during a twenty-six-hour break – the most terrifying single accident on the mountain. The longest recorded history of mountaineering in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges and the second most terrifying. However, from anywhere in the world, meeting 2 for a climber is a worthy goal. Before he himself stood before the K2 trial, Ed Webster’s, one of the world’s top high-altitude tenants, thought of it as the “holy grail of mountaineering.”

The name K2 was given by British Surveyor TG in 1852. With “K”, Montgomery has produced a definitive range and “2” since it was the top record. During their interrogation, everyone living on Mount Montgomery, 125 miles to the north, noticed two prominent peaks, called K1 and K2. When he named the neighborhood, he found that K2 did not have a known name.

K2 Mountain

Also named Mount Godwin Austin

K2 was later named Mount Godon Austin for Horsham Godwin Austin (1834-1923), an early British surveyor and explorer. Godwin climbed a thousand meters above the Austro-Archbishop’s urge to mushroom and determine the motivating position and location of the starting K2, according to Catherine Moore’s head, the K2 man (and his mollusks). Is the biography of Godwin Austin? This alternate name was rarely seen.

Bucket name for K2

The name of K2 is Chaguri, derived from the Baltic words Chugori, which means “numerous mountains.” The Chinese mountain cougar means “Phenomenal Mountain”, while those near the Beatty call it Kechu.

The appeal is “Saved Girl”

K2 is named “Savage Mountain” for its unusual environment. It is usually transported in June, July, or August. K2 never used to move in the winter.

The most difficult 8,000 metric peak

K2 Chowdhury is the most anxious of the 8,000-meter peaks, which presents specific climbs, unfavorable environmental conditions, and very high risk. Since the beginning of 2014, more than 335 climbers have taken the lead of K2, while people under the age of 82 have not kicked the container.

K2 has a high health rate

The rate of shock at K2 is 27%. If you try 2 of them, you get 1 of 4 shots kicking in the can. Prior to the 2008 disaster, of the 198 wells that showed the top, 53 passed K2. This is a 9% loss rate on Mount Everest on many occasions. Except for K2, Annapurna, which is 8,000 meters the most unsafe?

K2 Mountain

First chance to climb the mountain K2

English climbers Alistair Crowley (1875-191947), a narcissist and epic, and Oscar Eckstein (1859-191921) performed a series of six climbers that made significant strides to climb K2, from March to June 1902. ۔ This social event experienced 68 days on the mountain, with only eight fresh mornings, trying the upper edge of the east. Experiencing two months in height, Social Affairs made five top-down efforts. The prop was launched on June 8 anyway by a frightening eight days and withdrew 21,407 feet (6,525 meters). The pieces of clothing were later found under K2 and Neptune’s rocky scale was seen in Boulder, Colorado.

First of all, at AbrozziSpor

The Italian mountaineer Prince Luigi Amedeo (1873-1933), Duke of Abruzzi, fought the K2 war in 1909. Its social affairs sought the Abruzzi Spur, on the southeast coast, to rise 20,505 feet (6,250 m) before it was unnecessarily upsetting. The edge is through and through the grinder path, which mostly increases K2. Before retreating, the Duke said the mountain would never rose.

The first US confession on K2

An amazing German climber who was transplanted to the United States, Fritz Weiner pioneered the 1939 American move, setting a record of elevation of the universe at a distance of 27,500 feet on the Abruzzi Aspire. The pair was 656 feet from the top before roaming. Four partners were executed.

The claimed ICE AX ARREST saves five

One of the most prestigious events in American climbing history took place in 1953 between the Crusaders led by Charles Houston. The 10-day storm gathered at 25,592 feet. At the summit, the climbers tried to save the 27-year-old Art Gulki, who had a terminal illness, at length. At one point during his quick drop, Pete Schooling rescued five fallen climbers and grabbed his fall rope and his ice pigeon from behind a rock. A snow ax has appeared at the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum in Golden, Colorado.

The second ASCENT from Japan

The second increase in dimensions was presented on August 9, 1977, 23 years after the first ascent of the K2, by the Japanese assembly, headed by Achiro Yoshizawa. Similar gatherings were also attended by the mountainous Pakistani mountaineer Ashraf Imam for the K2 summit.

America’s first agreement

The essential US trip was in 1978. A strong gathering led by James Whitaker made another route into the northeast ridge of Zenith.

13 die on 2 of the climbers

1986 was a horrific year at K2, with 13 climbers kicking the basin. Five climbers kicked the rod in a real storm between August 6 and August 10. In the past month and a half, eight clear climbers have passed. The passage was through a heavy slide, falling, and rockfalls. The climbers killed by the storm were some of the social events involved in the failed attempt. Three of the 4 climbers hit the top in August. Between the drops, they gathered along four different wells and stayed at 26,000 feet where they were caught in a storm. Five mountaineers kicked the cans, while only two remained patient.

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