At this point, when you think of a penguin, you will no doubt consider redirecting animals that roam the ice. As far as I have seen “The Walking The Penguins” I am curious about these birds. Their lives are, in fact, far more interesting than you think. Do you think they can swim up to 50km / h? This strange little girl stands on the short legs and walks around in an impenetrable sheet. These birds cannot fly the way they used to call penguins, unaware of flying.
A wide range of penguins has short bodies and necks. Moreover, they all have short thick plums, which form a waterproof coat. Most of the penguins have crusts that are mainly white on the abdomen and beaten on the back. Some have hidden secrets in their throats. These birds stay warm through unforgiving Antarctic conditions through thick layers of fat on their bodies. Their wings are shaped like flippers, which fill in like a pedal to help keep them running in the water. Likewise, their feet are connected, which when combined with the flippers, make them a heavenly swimmer and jumper.

Archaeologists have found penguin fossils that are 50 million years old. It has been surveyed that there are about one hundred million penguins on the planet. Of these hundred million penguins, one is a type of animal. They make different flying animals interesting since swimming rather than flying. The specific future of the penguin is around 15 to 20 years, yet it really depends on the species. Penguins are not alone; on the contrary, they live in many social issues called territories. Living in the states is beneficial because it provides better certification against predators and is more straightforward to make a living. If there are all these penguins on the planet, why have you never seen one?

Place of residence
All penguins live in the southern part of the world. You can find them in South Africa, Oceania, South America, and obviously Antarctica. Penguins are cool air. Antarctica, the southernmost region, is 90% 90% of the surface, like snow. Antarctica has a lot of snow, in winter it is usually the limit of Africa! A couple of penguins pop out of the rocks, however, and do not use other houses. In the habitat of a penguin, there are many environmental conditions that cause the penguins to be physically disturbed. Penguins have the security to withstand the cold and their predators.

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