Skardu Fort or Kharpocho

Skardu Fort, or Kharpocho, is a fortress in the town of Skardu, located in the locality of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Australian hillside residents write that the fort is “a rooster at the crossroads of rivers” and overlooks the stone of Skardu. Settled between the reckless Karakoram and the Himalayan foothills, Skardu Lokila Travel to Baltistan is a voyage. From trekking along uncertain mountains to many mountains to roads in green fields, or watching the polo coordinates in a nearby field, traveling is rarely boring.

The Crown essence of the city of Skardu demonstrates the quality of the people of Khorpocha Fort, Baltistan, at a height of about 1,400 meters. The rock of the animal and the hand of the rock, the hard edges of the castle caused it to appear as if it were made of mountains. The move to the old fortress dating back to the seventeenth-century stands. Sticky rocks examine your method at every turn and curve. On one side is the unforgiving mountain and on the other the great things for cleaning.

The 30-minute trek takes you to the top of the slopes where you can see the city on one side and the strong Indus Waterway on the other. The path to the fort is like a window with a small opening that can turn everyone around. Once entered, the theory seems to be hypnotic. Despite the fact that the fort has not been taken care of until now and there is nowhere to look for safety efforts, the sheer force of this structure misleads you. The gathering of Khorpacho is about 30 feet high, with trunks of trees and ancient stones held together. The design is smart in any case; the rooms are cool when the sun is shining on the slopes.

An ancient mosque still exists on a wooden structure that looks like it was once the courtyard of the fort. This is a bolt, visitors are not allowed to go. In Bali, the ruler of Kharapochu consists of castles, which is a reasonable title for a structure that hesitates to reach anyone and is reluctant to travel to distress. Locals say that the kings of that time had prepared a mysterious bill under the mountain that they used to pass between the city and the fort. This is not accepted, but no one was aware of the existence of this honorable family’s passing, and they would use it during the war.
Without the clearance of myths, travelers need to find a hard-landing adventure. One wrong move and the stone steps to slip under your feet. The fear of falling deeper into it, usually, would put a foot like a goat on its feet. Obviously, this is remembered; once at the base, there is more to see in Skardu.

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