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National Insurance Company

National Insurance Company Limited was created in Pakistan on March 31, 2000, as a non-independent open bans organization under the Companies Ordinance 1984 under the NIC (Reorganization) Ordinance 2000. The main goals of National Insurance Company Limited are: Providing protection to government / semi-administrative associations at reasonable rates. Continue the journey to another country while reducing the dependency on security. Making a remarkable commitment to the national treasury through the delivery of duties and profits. The general public should be praised only as a private segment so as to earn a lot of income.
It was first named the National Insurance Corporation, which was established in the NIC Act 1976. National Insurance Company Limited is a 100% government-approved organization operating under the regulatory control of the Ministry of Commerce. The certified capital of the organization is Rs 6 billion while the settlement capital is Rs 2 billion which is divided into 200 million shares for each offer. As NBFI, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is the controller of NICL.

National Insurance Company

Head Business
National Insurance Company Limited is gaining general protection of unregulated and stable state resources owned by the government, joint venture, neighboring countries and established companies.
This includes adding protection to adjacent areas:
Fire and property damage.
Avionics Hill.
Marine Hill.
Sea rent
Credit risk and protection delivery.
Work environment pay
Mistakes and health
Building / mechanical methods
Gardening Credits (New)
In January 2001, the management gave Connell Insurance Company Limited the status of National Insurance Corporation and raised its verified capital from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 2 billion and made it the largest organization in Pakistan.
Since January 2001, the National Insurance Corporation, acting under the Insurance Ordinance 2000, has been changed to National Insurance Company Limited. National Insurance Company Limited was formed on March 31, which consolidated the National Insurance Corporation on January 01, 2002. The choice of administration depended on the manner in which the transition from an enterprise to a limited organization was made by the National Insurance Corporation in the past years. A compelling organization can work to improve this security. The assets of NICL are 2 billion rupees, compared with Rs 5 lakh of capital NIC. The motive behind turning this status into a legitimate partnership with corporate substance was to keep this association at business risk altogether. The capacity of NICL to fill itself as a global organization and transform Pakistan into a model of the security industry is unlimited.
The legislature has named another governing body consisting of the best people from different backgrounds. Its management is additionally focusing on the legitimate consequences and consequences of entering a security exhibit to compete with safety net providers worldwide.
Where does National Insurance Company Limited stand today?


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