The Lulusar Lake

It is a lake with an L-shaped structure and has no examples on the rotating hills. The blue and green waters of the lake are surrounded by mountains that have been tested mystically. In Narine, Mansehra Locality, the waterway has freshwater lakes covered by rivers entering the countryside, Nala Lal Lakes. , Lake Dodepet, Lake Cephalon Mallok, and Lake Anshu. These Valleyland-based parks are really one of the most important goals to come.

The Lulusar Lake

As you have recently speculated, Kagan is one of the main targets of the mainstream. To reach the Cagayan Valley, one has to travel upwards from Abbottabad and then north to Mansehra. Going there, you will pass through the Naran and Babousar Valley, which is approximately 13,690 feet.

The Lulusar Lake

The lake is located approximately 350 km away from Lalsar Mansehra. Located 3,353 meters high along Naran Chalas Street, Lake Lulusar is about an hour’s drive from the city of Naran. On the lake, along the Kaghan Valley, and on the outskirts of Kohistan, skirmishes and vacations are permanently swept. Dodepet is a pleasant lake, located in Kashmir and the Kaghan Valley and is full of trout like trout.

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