Kalash Valley

They are a combination of three small valleys: the Brewer, the Bomber boat and the Rember. The barrier is 34 km (21 mi) to the south of Chitral, and the jeep is properly open via avenues through the eaves. This is especially ideal for people who aren’t accustomed to tracking. The largest and most magnificent valley in the Kafir Kalash is the Bambourette 36 km. (22 miles) from Chitral and jeep able road. Rambor is 32 km (20 miles) from Chitral. The road crosses the jeep. Remote travelers need a license to visit the Kalash Valleys. The licenses are provided by the Deputy Commissioner, Chitral, and Telephone at a cost: 1. External visitors need to set a personal cost of Rs 10 per person while again. Family unit is charged 1.00 per person from tourists.

Kalash Valley Chitral Pakistan

These valleys have intensified. Overall, the people of Pakistan are the unspoken freethinker faction of Pakistan, known as the Kafir Kalash, who recommends lazy dresses. Their root lies in conflict. A legend says that the conqueror of Macedonia settled in Chitral with Alexander’s Armed Forces and is the father of Kalash. In Rum sore, one of the small Kalash Valley, I was far from complaining about the ordinary everyday presence. It was a wonderful place to stay; despite the way it was charming, with a turquoise canal that runs behind the edge of the city and two mountains, behind which the sun rises every day, plus it is remote. And the separation was wonderful too. Here I was, in the midst of the Hindu mountains, amidst a champion of the planet’s most extraordinary and amazing social orders.

For a long time, it is believed that the Kalash Society sank significantly into the Greek-Macedonian population of Alexander the Great, who incorporated this area in the fourth century BC, 2,000 years ago. Amazingly, in the nineteenth century, Kalash was brutally conquered by the Afghans. Their beloved places were destroyed, their women’s power was confirmed, and their family converted to Islam without much need. Only a small minority of the people belonging to this ancient history are still living in three remote valleys arranged in the north of Pakistan.

Kalash Valley Women

In the 21st century, the Kalash people continue to sink. It has dropped from 10,000 in the 1950s to close to 3,000 today. The people involved in extremist extremism, or many who consider their commitment to powerfully overcome them, are all under threat from the community. Yet for political gainers to take them from time to time, this is a significant degree that is the duty of the social and the rights that these people have been forced into. Indeed, it was a year before that he was viewed by NADRA (the National Database and Registration Authority) as an alternative part of Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist followers. For example, the Establishment and workplaces are far below the schools and helpful thinking. The facts show that these people are strangely bound to their lifestyle, yet it does not imply that they are not using any and all means for the precious road coming to the urban areas. The floods here are crushing. Events a year ago crushed the key road and various systems of society. There are all-inclusive NGOs that support the inclusive community now and then. However, these are different courses of action. If you want to help someone, don’t give those fish. Rather, tell them the best way to get fish.

Kalash Valley

You can pick up a lot of capabilities by watching your kids about a system. Girl or young woman, every teenager I saw in Kalash went to class. Schools are not surprising. There are limited space and logistics, yet the instructor is driving. While some guards cannot cope with the cost of big money classes or basic advice, the system is still coordinated to defeat it. I was shocked that all the teachings were done to study and eliminate Islamic teachings. Every morning you could hear them talking about Surah’s at a social gathering. Going into a system that is particularly abusive to its condition, one generally predicts that its tenants should be somewhat reluctant to behave inappropriately. In this case, in any case, we have seen the backward suffice. People in Pakistan are generally known for their harmony, yet Kalash is the best model I have found anywhere in the country. They welcomed us into our homes, their schools, families and their work. They invited us to dinner and bound them at their celebrations. Despite our differences in religion, language, culture, dress, and lifestyle, we as humans are firmly connected to them.

The Kalash and the Muslim community living in these valleys are relatively understandable. As a rule, the inaccessible one who does not know how to surf the waves, and who, in turn, carries the load. It’s time we started to see Kalash as our national character. Now is the time to stop showing the overall association in tourist adventures and help and watch them for the rest of the year. Kalash is as much a part of the land as we can be, and if we do not begin to tell ourselves the best way to swim, the greater social order on this land cannot be left behind when our children grow up.

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