The undoubted nature of the tombs in Petra forced various early pioneers and experts to consider Petra a tremendous necropolis (burial ground). Regardless, ancient investigations show that Petra was a city most trapped by a Greek city.


The exterior of the tomb draws attention to a rich display of Greek and eastern buildings, and, in this way, their structure reflects the different and especially social order with which the Nabateans traded, interfaced, and even Married also (attracted to the young woman of the ruler Erastus IV), Herod Antipas is unable to meet Herod, whose mother was Nabataea. A significant number of these tombs include small chamber claims for fame or claim, which is cut into stone distributors. No human remains have been found in any of the tombs yet, and there is a cloud of cautious amusement of the prophets.


For example, with coins and pottery not found, the dating of the tombs has shown disorientation, which engages archaeologists in the history of these tombs. Two or three writings give us the option of giving a history of a part of Petra’s tombs, yet another Nabataea site (in present-day Saudi Arabia) currently has thirty-one historical tombs. Today’s experts believe that when the cemeteries were wealthy during the second century, these tombs were in every possible way. In addition, at the beginning of the second century, archaeologists and artifacts have considered different parts of history, yet they all exist together and the history of these tombs cannot be used. A couple in Nubutin, Greek, and Latin instructed us about a congregation that was a canvas in the tombs.

Greetings in style

The face of the Treasury 24.9 meters wide x 38.77 meters high, clearly encompasses the Greek style and currently portrays the best city in the eastern Mediterranean, Alexandria. The project includes a broken pedestal and central thumps (around the structure) at the upper end. This systematic process began in Alexandria. Areas of the Royal Corinthians are used everywhere. Above the ruined food boxes, two columnar bases appear and spread upwards to the rocks.

Sculptured ornaments also illustrate relations with the Greek world. On the upper scale, stand the Amazons (the breast revealed) and the tromphus, which corresponds to the central female figure (on Thallus), who is undoubtedly the Asiatic Lychee, the Egyptian goddess, Isis, and Tychy, the Greek goddess of good karma. General Chat Lounge At the lower level is the Greek twin heavenly creatures, Castor and Pollex, a Diosori feature, which guarantees pilgrims and dies during their journey. There are a variety of nuances from the mind-blowing customs of the Greek world, including winged animals, royal Ptolemies, grapes, plants, a picture of kangaroo (a wide-handled container), and aquaria (a lock-trimmed building). ۔ However, the tomb also contains roses that were formerly associated with the East. There are no inscriptions or extant evidence associated with the tomb that gives us the power to make history. Considering that it was arranged on the much-needed access to Petra via Sec, it was probably a tomb for one of the Nabataea Lords.


The treasure was noted for its symbolic detail and heavy orders of Greek texture. Most tombs did not have a rigid model. It was a show on Neobutin’s legacy that, for the most part, was asynchronous or non-symbolic. A significant number of the tombs were less astonishing and also paid less attention to the exhilarating shows of the Greek world, suggesting that the Nabataea had widely influenced the astonishing traditions of the East and the West. But maladia it is a remarkable decision that most stone-cutting tourists, with more than 3,000 in number, were all tombs. In fact, many other Shakkat tourist destinations were spectacular parlors with residential circles or indoor seating areas. Of these, the religious class commonly known as Aid is generally notable. The fact is, even the far-reaching theater, built in the century BC, and was cut into the stone of Petra.

Unlike the Treasury, most of the group was not included, but behind it was a great basement (an asylum admission board) with a large district that had to be erected on the back. Although there is no trace of improvement today, the room is painted. Central once again adds a damaged pedestal around the central tholos; however, its improvement is much more unique and less speculative than treasured. The fragmented capitals are traditionally Nebatan, which, at the request of the Corinthians, was, as the case may be, engaged. This battle features a Dork inventory, yet instead of storing data in the Met pops, it looks round without any progress. As a result, as the religious community passes on different parts of the old-fashioned building, all these things are considered a novel.

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