Description of the Moon

The moon is the fifth largest planet in the nearest planet, and the planet is larger than the plots. The Moon is approximately the radius of the Earth (E = 0.05), which is more than 5 5 outwards. Typical good practices starting from early stage 384,400 kilometers. The size of the moon and its good paths from the earth show the same shape as the sun in the sky, which is the explanation of it, which we can eliminate by sun-based vitality circles.
When the moon takes 27.322 days to orbit the Earth. In light of this development, the moon moves against the stars every day for about 13 ° or 30 minutes. If you look at the moon for a few hours, you will notice that its position will change between the stars. The changing position of the moon with respect to the sun indicates the lunar phase. Have you heard of the term ’round’ of the moon at some point? Due to the effects of the forces of the earth falling on the moon, only one piece of the moon is facing the Earth. In this way, the moon really changes at the same time, in light of the fact that the moon needs to move around the moon. As a result, eyewitnesses on the ground have never seen the ’round’ of the moon. The initial powers need to consider such a large number of the mass of our nearest planet.

The moon is the same as Earth, and the remains of a nearby planet – about 4.5 billion years. Our nearest planet was just set up. We think that when we have the entire planetary system in place, the moon and the earth will have taken shape. The earth was made of numerous rocks and frozen yogurt. Possibly a large part slaughtered the new land and it got a huge piece, which turned into a moon. You must have learned that there is no moon around it. The breeze that surrounds our property fills us as a civilized core to keep us calm and pleased! As it is, the moon, since it has no broom, is hotter than the earth. The sun is shining from the moon, the temperature reached 260 ٪ heaters! It’s hot with balloons. The cloudy side of the moon, it freezes, – 280 ° heat.

The surface of the moon is about two inches high. In the last few billions of years, the remnants of the vacant lot have been eliminated. It probably looks extraordinarily fragile. You can see it in one of two pictures that the Space Explorer has taken your footsteps to the moon. The moon is made of different stones. The stones look exactly like the earth. However, on earth, we are exposed to wind and rain that help the stones to wear in the sand and soil. There is no air or air on the moon, so the rocks do not move on the earth because they are only one moon. In terms of the number of chickens around each of the planets in our nearest planet group, here is 61 (ground one, mushroom two, combined 16, planet 18, urine 15, nipple 8, and We didn’t get that much yet.

Due to schedules the basic investigation of the moon’s development and the position of the tide was allowed and predicted. The moon was the basic new world on which people lay. The figures are back from the crusades through which programmed shuttles and remote detection were collected through feedback, becoming a piece of intense information on the moon, more than any other body than the Earth. Is. Although many inquiries have been made about its structure, structure, and history, it has become clear that the moon keeps track of the origin of the Earth and its path to understanding the planets of nearby planets. In addition, its proximity to the earth, its rich potential, the well-being of substance and vitality, and its ability to facilitate research for capitalist science and to think about such real existence and Work to establish There is a place; a moon is a prominent place. For basic settlements of people outside the earth. Croatia was thrown into a moon, which could be waterproof for the day, nobody could see.

A few scholars (a large number of people from all over the world) who have examined the examples of the moon think that those who consider embracing the Moon’s orbitals are concerned about such movements by the administration. Were created on earth because of the combination of the clue. Tests are generally good. They reveal themselves to a perpetual storyline with a plot of mind-blowing mediocrity that goes beyond any story that might have a plot. I’ve considered rocks and clay for 45+ years, and I can’t cure hen’s cough, poultry clay, or poor basalt in freedom. Also, in relation to all the bright partners of the administration’s research center, none of the “legislators” did so, yet we still know where the moon rocks are. Diameter tests do not primarily confirm the dry domain with no oxygen and little gravity.

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