Christmas is a celebration of Jesus‘ birth. It happens on December 25 and is a holiday all over the world. Christmas also marks the beginning of the 12-day Christmas Day. The birth of Jesus is based on 7 to 2 BC. The exact date of Jesus’ birth, which took place between December 25, is not known, and it appears that the date was chosen based on the Roman feast or relationship to Capricorn. Modern Christmas holidays include gifts for each other, church celebrations and various decorations. Exhibits for this decoration include Christmas trees, colorful lights, mistletoe, birthdays and Holi. Santa Claus (also known as the Father of Christmas, though both have a different origin) is a legendary but imaginative figure associated with Christmas, often called Christmas gifts for children on Christmas Eve.
All Christians celebrate Christmas, and many non-Christians today celebrate it as a secular, cultural festival. The exchange of gifts, salmon decorations, and entertainment during the holidays has become a major economic activity during Christmas and is an important event for most retailers. It is celebrated on December 25 in most countries of the world. In Germany and some other countries, the celebrations begin on December 24th. In the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, December 26 is celebrated as Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. In some Catholic countries it is also known as St. Stephen’s Day or St. Stephen’s Festival. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas January 6 Eastern Traditional Church, which observes Julian Holiness, celebrates Christmas December 25, according to Julian Weiss, which is the 7th of January in many Gregorian calendars because there is a 13-day difference between the two calendars.

Gage is called by different names in different countries, it is called a big day in India and its neighboring countries. The best way to strengthen your grip on a country is to establish your culture, culture, and religion on your culture, civilization, and religion. 210 years ago, the British consolidated their grip on India. This was the time when Christianity needed to spread. The British also wanted to do this. At that time, December 25 was the day when the days began to get bigger. Its importance cannot be denied in Hindus. Perhaps this is why it was called a big day so that Hindus could easily accept it.
This Christmas
The idea of ​​the birth of Jesus is the “Messiah” born of the Son of Christians as the Messiah, the Gospel of Matthew’s Christmas story (the Gospel of Matthew) is based on biblical statements, and the Gospel, especially according to Jesus. In Jerusalem, with the help of her husband St. Joseph, a famous tradition named Johar was born in a stable, surrounded by dangerous animals. Although there is no mention of the beast nor the beast in the Bible, however, Lok 2: 7 mentions an “admin” where it is said that “he was wrapped in cloth and kept in a manger because there was no present.” The animals there were told about Jesus ‘birth, so they saw the baby for the first time. Christians believe that Jesus’ birth is said to have Christmas should have celebrated the chaos of St. George and the chaos of the sun.The heavens and the moon are the spheres of eternal retreat to create the sky. The man became a family holiday for women and children and the Androgen-Arcata, as is true of his prediction largely 700 years ago.

It is a long tradition for Christians to remember Jesus or to believe that Christmas is Jesus‘ second birth. The birth of Jesus in art. The birth of Jesus is predictable, while many Western Christians celebrate the Western Church as Advent. In some Christian denominations, children replay events. Visit, or sing songs that describe these events. Some Christians create a scene of nostalgia in their homes, known as the Christian scene. It uses sculptures to depict the main characters. Usage advice is a direct Christian scenario, also made by Table Wax, and is used by artists and livestock to present this fact more realistically.
Christian performances also feature Christian magicians (Three Wise Men), Baltazar, Melchior, and Caspar, although their names or numbers are nowhere in the Bible story. After walking with the stars of Jerusalem, they came to Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
Usually Christians in the United States, Christmas decorations once included public buildings. This process has led to many litigations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, believing in funding for government support, a religion which is prohibited by the United States Constitution. In 1979, Lynch v Donnelly (Lynch v Donnelly), a US Supreme Court owned a Samos demonstration (which included the Christian doctrine) and residence in the island city of Parquet. (Pawtucket, Rhode Island) said they do not violate the First Amendment.

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