When you live in the Western world, you see that unmatched dressing in shops is not considered by people, and I need to explain it constantly, I do not wear a scarf on my head. ۔ It suggests being modern and strong in my emotions. I should not try to make you feel that I am not mentally aggressive. Islam truly recommends the deal, yet television shows, movies, and even news show rarely show why such speculations are made. At 25 years old, wearing a hijab was a huge development that I took for myself, in any case, I expected that I would be deliberately exposed to the world. I did not choose this choice long after the presidential race, which strongly affected me. Regardless of whether this was a change that I had been thinking about putting aside for a few moments, remembering that I was satisfied with wearing the hijab, I have seen a number of ways People see me and treat me. Exactly half a month ago, I was condemned for wearing my hijab by La Guardia Air Terminal Security. It was not difficult to consider whether this request was made to die or if this woman was taking revenge on her abilities since she finally realized she could. To me, wearing the hijab has been the most liberating foundation.

Every moment it updates that I am Muslim and should reflect in my exercises. It has changed the way we talk and interact with people. I have considered myself more than in the past several months. It sounds crazy to describe, yet it has really set things right and helped me identify what is most important to me. When I do fast magic with the hijab, I slowly catch myself in it. When women come to me for guidance or hide from me, this is the best way I can convince them to start wearing the hijab. Or, once again, women who have been naked for a long-time wearing a hijab that has been re-energized are the best prize. This is a reflection of the explanation of this time as never before. Therefore, there should be Muslim women slowly with open eyes. Take, for example, model Haleema Eden, whose fruiting has affected vibrant Muslims all over the world, as well as a precise, positive picture of a Muslim woman. Not to explain how hijab is not misused, yet to demonstrate it. If people were pressured to understand that the hijab was not just a headscarf but there were indeed some answers about the features and the reasoning behind it, there would be no such hole. Wearing a hijab, I refuse your ability to reject, sexually abuse, or dishonor me.

I expose a lot of the burdens of society I need plastic therapy or Botox. Or possibly, on the other hand, look at me for what I have in my thoughts, my character, my mind. Eden carefully said: “I have offered more than my physical appearance, and a veil has confirmed to me that ‘you are extraordinarily thin, you are very fat, on your hips Take a leap, take a gander at her thigh distance. “I don’t have to worry about it. Society puts such weight on young people to look a certain way.” That’s how most hijabs feel: that their hijab is essentially an extension of their feelings, quality, and ease as a Muslim woman. Hating the style that I think is the main thing, and I’m glad that wearing the hijab, I would lean on not being fully described as a “hijabi blogger.” “Hijabi” is not the real word I use to describe myself, so, this is not how I want to be presented. I started late with two or three weird bloggers who seemed to be proportional to me. Some people feel this way because the “hijab” in their YouTube channels, online diaries or Instagram accounts is the main thing. Others, like me, also found it incredibly unnecessary. When I respect and celebrate other women who make their hijab character an important part of their accounts, it feels to me like a wonderful class when I receive the “Hijabi address. Is kept in, All things considered, we are running the mill people who love us and our own gatherings of spectators

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