Mountain Biking in Skardu

If you want your two wheels to come down at an average speed of twenty-five miles an hour, and if your eyes are dirty, mountain biking is better for you. However, this is not for the faint of heart. When you fall, you fall hard, and if you are riding, when a runner approaches the water you pass through these sections. Also, keep in mind that mountain bikes are not for everyone. You have to be on the edge. The thrill is the reward of all your efforts. So we walk a day.

The sun is shining in my room as I wake up on another beautiful Saturday morning. So one thing that got me excited is that today I am going on a mountain bike. So I get dressed and call my friend. My friend is the person with whom I go up the mountain. We usually go somewhere in Skardu. It is a forest reserve with great trials. After arriving at my friend’s house we check out a small pre-bike. We make sure that all the components on the motorcycle are secure and that the tire is properly tilted. The bottles of water are full and the bikes are ready, we’re gone.

Not long after arriving at our destination, we also see other people like us who have gone off to enjoy a wonderful day in Skardu. With bikes ready to go we are too. Usually, we start with small trails that have some hills. When we are tired of the little things, we walk downstairs, ride the cross country, and go about hiking the mountain. Sometimes, we have one or two turns but nothing is more serious. However, in my case, when I go mountain biking, I fall and break my collar bone. So after a few hours of riding all our energy, we decide it’s time to go home. You know that if you were drowning in mud and dirt you were riding hard. And after another successful trip, we headed home to plan our next day’s course. Hiking in the mountains is a daunting task.

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