How does other people's opinion affect our own

Effects of others’ opinion on our own

We are social creatures, we have family, close friends, people we know, and communicate with strangers all the time. We live in societies, we have laws and expectations. Our behavior towards one another is regulated by others’ and our moral str...


Why do monitors use RGB

Why do Monitors use RGB

Monitors are part of our daily life. They are everywhere, as computers and other devices that are co...
How do hard disks store data

How does hard disk store data

Hard disk drives or HDD, are commonly used devices in PC, Laptops, servers and more. They are used t...
How do batteries work

How do batteries work

Batteries are used to power many different devices. We can find them in our cell phones, tablets, la...


What is aerodynamic drag

What is aerodynamic drag

If you wonder how such large objects are cars, planes and ships move around, and why they need so much power, we are going to get into more detail on why they require a lot of power to move, what is air resistance and why the shape of the object is i...


14 eight-thousanders

The 14 eight-thousanders

If you have ever been interested in geography and mountains in general, you have probably heard about the top peaks in the world. Climbing the highest mountains in the world is something that very few people have achieved. They are amazing, beautiful, and yet quite dangerous places. A typical climb of a peak of altitude […]


World's longest walk route

World’s longest walking road

Earth has a circumference of 24,901 miles or 40,075km. The earth’s surface is 71 percent water, and oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all the water on it. Since there is so much water, you might be wondering, how long would be the longest walking route on earth? You might consider something of the lines […]