Face Yoga-fitness app for youthful skin at home


Slow down skin aging. Yoga face app is a beauty fitness for youthful skin. Keeping your face toned with our anti-aging self-massage program is easy! With the help of our face-lifting programs, devoting only 20 minutes a day to light face exercises, after half a year you will be surprised to see your reflection in the mirror: a radiant and young beauty will look at you, on whose face there is no hint of wrinkles!

A fresh look, elastic skin, a chiseled chin, Hollywood cheekbones, smooth skin tone, smooth, wrinkle-free and free of sagging skin, radiant with youth and health – all this can be achieved without leaving your home and without spending a ton of money on face injections, absolutely no injection technique, you only need to perform daily gymnastics for the face and self-massage – absolutely natural facial rejuvenation.

Our Facial Yoga program includes:
? learning the right technique for doing facial exercises
? video guide explaining each exercise
? every day a new video lesson, reminders
? take selfies before and after a course of rejuvenation training – face lifting

Taking face-building as a basis, you do not have to make sacrifices to youth and beauty. Yes, you need to take some time and develop a habit, but it’s definitely worth it. ?

Our Anti-Age programs will help to become more attractive, beautiful. We offer:
Super face lifting or face yoga program for the whole face (Fullface)
Supports muscle tone of the facial skin and neck, prevents wrinkles, sagging muscles and skin.
Forehead & crown eyes
It will help to remove deep wrinkles and relieve excessive tension of the forehead muscles.
Self-lifting for the eye area
It will help to remove small wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes, relieve puffiness, ptosis.
Lips & Smile lines (nasolabial lines)
It will help smooth out nasolabial lines, lift the lowering corners of the lips
It will help to remove the asymmetry of the cheeks, swelling, ptosis
Neck & jawline
For tightening the lower contour of the face, neck and décolleté

Face training (face fitness, face building) maintains muscle tone, face and neck skin, prevents sagging muscles and skin. Blood circulation and lymph flow improves, the skin tone of the face becomes even.

We offer such exercises that will help keep your face toned, remove facial imperfections and smooth your skin: anti-wrinkle exercises, anti-nasolabial exercises and from gravitational ptosis, anti-aging exercises for the face, anti-drooping cheeks, exercises for raising the upper eyelid, for facelift, from ptosis of the face, against sagging and saggy skin, against crow’s feet, eyebrow lines, overhanging eyelid.
exercises will help to remove facial lines, a second chin, bags under the eyes, bruises under the eyes, drooping corners of the lips, sagging skin, swelling. Face fitness massage and yoga for the face will help eliminate eyelid problems, dull complexion, enlarged pores and creases in the skin, tension of the facial muscles.

We will help you improve your skin condition, maintain youth and beauty!
Anti-aging facial aerobics program promotes natural facial rejuvenation. It returns the skin its radiance and shine, against skin lines and sagging skin. It makes the skin more elastic, and the cheekbones more sculpted, improves skin turgor, promotes a clear oval of the face.
Correctional anti-age program of face fitness contributes to:
? smoothing deep and fine wrinkles
? muscle training and toning
? elimination of sagging and swelling
? improvement of blood supply and lymph flow

Our programs are suitable for the skin of different age groups 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+ Excellent help in the fight against wrinkles and age-related problems, such as dryness, sagging, etc.
Remember, the sooner you begin to maintain a healthy state of your skin, the easier it will be to win the battle for youth in the future. The anti aging complex is aimed at increasing the overall tone of the face, tightening the skin and getting rid of skin aging.

Fiverr Freelancer Services

Business owner working around the clock? Rushing to complete a project? Entrepreneur on-the-go? Say hello to Fiverr the largest marketplace for digital services. Get instant access to a global network of quality freelancers and find everything you need to start or grow your business.

As the world’s most affordable and easiest to use digital marketplace, Fiverr enables freelancers and entrepreneurs to start doing, growing and succeeding. Geography, time, and budget are no longer barriers.

And now with the Fiverr mobile app, you can get connected no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Choose from thousands of freelancers from 116 different service categories:
• Digital marketing, SEO, virtual assistants that speed up your work, social media marketing
• Programming services, website creation & mobile app development, WordPress Bug fixing
• Logo design, website design, animations for web & mobile videos
• Translations, blog and article writing, proofreading & editing
• Flyers, banners, voice-overs, & songwriting
• Business promotion & planning, financial strategies, branding
• Whatever you need – there’s a service for it on Fiverr!

Whether you’re building your new business, or searching for something unique, everything you need is here.

For entrepreneurs and businesses:
Fiverr is a world of creative services at your fingertips. Get your projects delivered on time & under budget.

• Find your next freelancer in a micro-moment with just a swipe and a tap
• Read our talented freelancers’ ratings and customer reviews to pick the perfect match for your project
• Enjoy open communication on all fronts, at all times
• Hire when ready! (But be prepared to be amazed)

For freelancers:
Fill your working schedule with buyers from all over the world.
• Get access to an ever-growing pool of entrepreneurs and global businesses hungry for fresh talent.
• Get noticed: increase your exposure in the digital marketplace
• Get more orders with mobile availability, increase your quality of service, and improve your ratings & response rate

Why Fiverr?
When you download Fiverr, you’re connecting to the biggest (ever) global network of freelancers, trusted by over 11M businesses and entrepreneurs. You can hire anyone, anywhere from around the world to help finish up your work, and put the do in your to-do lists.
Living in different time zones (or different continents)?
Consider it a bonus! You can get freelancers in Australia and Europe finalizing projects while you’re asleep (or vice-versa), shortening your project delivery cycle.

Your freelancer-finding efforts are now simplified.

• Streamlined searching capabilities: Choose from thousands of forward-thinking, passionate creative freelancers from 120 different creative service categories
• Discover raw talent and forge inter-global partnerships
• Push notifications make sure you stay on top of projects
• Inbox notifications keep you on the ball while you’re on-the-go

• 24/7/365 communication between buyers & sellers
• Unique mobile-only features not found on website

But don’t take our word for it…

“The app allows you to browse the millions of gigs listed on Fiverr, from logo design and music composition to style consultations.” – The Next Web

“As you would expect, the Fiverr App is easy on the eyes. There’s a heavy emphasis on the visuals allowing you to easily see what is being sold in each listing.” – TUAW
Thousands of talented freelancers. Millions of Gigs. 24/7/365

You bring your determination. We’ve got everything else.

Pixel Lab Text on pictures 2020

Text: add and customize as much text objects as you want…
3D Text: create 3d texts and overlay them on top of your images, or have them stand on their own in a cool poster
Text effects: make your text stand out with dozens of text effects like : Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3d text
Text color: Set your text to any fill option you want, be it a simple color, a linear gradient, a radial gradient, or an image texture.
Text font: choose from 100+, hand picked fonts. Or use your own fonts !
Stickers: add and customize as much stickers, emojis, shapes, as you want…
Import images: add your own images from gallery. This could come in handy when you have your own stickers, or you want to composite two images…
Draw: pick a pen size, a color, then draw anything you want. after that the drawing acts like a shape and you can resize it, rotate it, add shadow to it…
change the background: with the possibility of making it : a color, a gradient or an image.
Save as a project: you can save anything you do as a project. It’ll be available for use even after closing the app!
Remove the background: be it a green screen, a blue screen or simply a white background behind an object in an image that you found on Google images; PixelLab can make it transparent for you.
Edit image perspective: you can now perform perspective editing (warp). Handy for, replacing a monitor’s content, changing a road sign’s text, adding logos on boxes…
Image effects: enhance your pictures’ look by applying some of the available effects, which include vignette, stripes, hue, saturation…
Export your Image: save or share at any format or resolution you want, For easy access you can use the Quick Share buttons to share the image to social media apps with a click of a button (ex : facebook,twitter, instagram…)
Create memes: using the provided meme preset, you can easily have your memes ready for sharing in matter seconds.
Browse quotes and insert anything you like, into what you’re making !

If you have a suggestion, a question or you want to report a bug please use the provided feedback function or contact me directly via emails…

Sky International News Breaking, UK, & Worlds


Download our app for award-winning journalism and breaking news stories from the UK and around the world. We take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world, offering live events, eyewitness reports, expert analysis and opinion.

Key Features:
• Breakings International news notifications – be the first to find out about major developing stories
• Watch Sky News in the Live Tab (when you’ve got connection)
• Easy navigation to see headlines on multiple topics from politics to entertainment
• Read articles while you’re offline
• Dark mode – change your preferences any time from the settings cog

Stay up to date with what’s happening around the world from a range of topics:
• Top Stories – the latest headlines, breaking news, live stories & video
• Podcasts – listen to our radio shows including Daily, All Out Politics, Behind the Headline, Sophy Ridge on Sunday and Backstage
• Opinion – read Sky Views from our specialists and first person pieces from those at the heart of a story
• UK – headlines from across the United Kingdom
• World – significant events from around the world
• Politics – latest developments in Westminster, including brexit and elections
• US – headlines from the United States
• Ocean Rescue – learn about how the world is tackling plastics in our ocean
• Sport – stories spanning football, cricket, tennis, F1, rugby, athletics, boxing, horse racing and more
• Science & Technology – latest developments in tech changing our world
• Business – headlines from the city, and economic stories affecting consumers
• Ents & Arts – art, showbiz and entertainment stories from around the world
• Offbeat – the strange and bizarre

Please note: Watching video may incur additional mobile network and/or WiFi charges.

Heart Rate Plus – Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor

Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere with Heart Rate Plus – at your home or your office – when you wake up, relax, before and after exercise, or before a big meeting. See why we have been appraised as one of the best heart rate monitor and tracker apps for smartphones and heart rate monitor for Android Wear. ????

Bet you never thought your phone or tablet could do that?

The Heart Rate Plus app will measure your heartbeat with great accuracy, using your smartphone’s camera sensor and flashlight by processing the images of your pulse on your finger! Our heart rate monitor guarantees accuracy and great heart rate tracker and hr monitor features.

Instant, accurate, and excellent for monitoring your health and fitness. Use your smartphone’s camera or the sensor in your smartwatch, this can be your Android Wear heart rate monitor anywhere while being physically active.

? Fast and accurate measurement
? Save result for access later
? Real time pulse graph
? Android Wear support: Measure your pulse using the heart rate sensor in your smartwatch
? Reminder: Automatic remind you to measure your heartbeat everyday
? Export history to CSV file (ads free user only)
? Built-in sensor support with device run Lollipop and later
? Free heart rate monitor app

Please read carefully before using this app.
? Hold the tip of your index finger over the back camera lens and flash of your phone or tablet.
Do not press too hard or you will restrict circulation which will result in an inaccurate reading.
? After a second or two, you should see your heart pulse graph.
Keep holding your finger still for five more seconds to compute your heart rate and update the number.
For best results, hold your finger still for 10 seconds to get an accurate heart rate.

English Urdu Dictionary Offline Plus Translator


English to Urdu, Urdu to English Offline Dictionary contain 300,000+ words with Free Multilingual Paragraph Translators Apps. if you studying and you want to know the meaning of word. this app has huge offline database of English and Urdu words, so no matter you can search both English and Urdu to find the meanings of your respective words. it is complete offline English and Urdu Dictionaries. 100% free Offline dictionary and work like English to Urdu translator. There is auto suggestion so you not need type full words. you can also enter a word using Speech to text feature.

English to Urdu – Find meanings of English words in Urdu.
Urdu to English – Find meanings of Urdu words in English.
English to English – Detail English to English Offline Dictionary.
Roman Dictionary – Search word meaning in native English like (Kasy ho, Pyar, Hum, tum, boht… etc.).
Urdu to Urdu Offline Dictionary – Urdu to Urdu Lughat offline contain 200,000+ words with detail meanings.
Translator Apps – Translate whole paragraph to any language that you want using Translator apps.
English Urdu Dictionary – Urdu English Online Dictionary is added, with huge online Database.
English Urdu Thesaurus – Urdu English Online Thesaurus is added, with large online Database.
English Urdu Psychology – Psychology Dictionary is added, to find information about word.
Learn English (Urdu version) – Learn all about basic English grammar, vocabulary, phrases, tenses, conversation.
Abbreviations Dictionary Abbreviations dictionary with 400000+ abbreviations of top categories.
Voice Dictation – Voice dictation enable user to convert voice to text? working online.

???? ??????? ???? ??? / ?????? / ????? ????????

Features (???????) of the Dictionary:
?? Five Dictionaries and three Language Translators.
?? Urdu to English Offline Dictionary (???? ?? ???????).
?? English to Urdu Offline Dictionary (??????? ?? ????).
?? Urdu to Urdu Offline Dictionary/Lughat (??? ???? ?? ????).
?? Huge Offline Abbreviations Dictionary (?????? ??????).
?? English to English Offline Dictionary (??????? ?? ???????).
?? Roman (Searching word in native language i.e. lafaz, pyar).
?? Online Urdu and English Thesaurus (?????).
?? Online Urdu and English Psychology Dictionary (?????? ?????).
?? Online Urdu and English Dictionary like WordWeb, WordNet.
?? Multilingual Translators (with offline translate feature) (????? ????????).
?? Voice Dictation (???? ?? ?????).
?? English grammar, vocabulary, phrases, tenses, conversation.
?? Detailed word Definitions.
?? Antonyms (Opposite words).
?? Synonyms (Same words).
?? Nearby Word (Related words).
?? Fully Offline Dictionary and Online Dictionary.
?? 305,000+ English Urdu Words Meaning.
?? Added a lot of Oxford Words Meaning.
?? Added Merriam Webster and Wiki Words Definitions.
?? Auto Suggestion Word for both English Urdu.
?? Pronounce Words and Voice Search.
?? British & American English Speaking Words.
?? Maintain History and Favorite word.
?? Easily Share, Copy Words or Definition.
?? Custom fonts for Urdu.
?? Simple and Built-in Urdu Keyboard.

It’s the Best English & Urdu Dictionary and Translator app for students, teachers, professionals, travelers, learners, Kids, business mans, players.

• English & Urdu Dictionary app is a free app and have some minor ads, so you will not need to worry about that.
• The Dictionary App is already in development phase. In case of any problem, please contact and send us an e-mail and review briefly with the problem.

Internet permission: is required for text translation, for online dictionary, and ads which are supported by trusted vendors.
Internet required for downloading Jameel Noori Nastaleeq font.
Mic permission: is required for voice dictation feature.
Storage permission: is required for read image and text file and then translate.

The Importance and Advantages of Digital Marketing

Marketing encompasses all of the ways you may reach your target audience. It entails getting noticed by way of putting your brand inside the leading edge at the right time and within the proper placed, growing the chances of reaching the audience you choice.

Digital advertising for Mornington Peninsula organizations is one of the first-class techniques to apply with the intention to engage with clients on numerous systems. Because of the way a great deal companies and their target market can engage, on line marketing is a rather important facet of commercial enterprise. Let’s take a look at a number of the blessings of on line marketing and how they can assist your commercial enterprise.

However, we need to first have a look at what digital advertising is so one can use it correctly.

What is Digital Marketing?

When you reach out to the general public and promote your products or services thru any on-line platform, you’re undertaking digital marketing. Mornington Peninsula is a hub for developing corporations, so getting yourself observed and placing the commercial enterprise other than the relaxation is prime to fulfillment. Any efforts that you make to in addition your commercial enterprise the usage of the net is described as digital advertising and marketing and might result in many benefits.

One of the benefits is that you can see your outcomes faster than you would entirely counting on traditional advertising and marketing. You can also be more interactive and watch your patron base extend in a totally quick quantity of time relying on how an awful lot you put money into on line media advertising.

Now which you’re familiar with the definition of virtual advertising and marketing, allow’s get into a number of the various advantages of creating the most of virtual advertising strategies.

Improved Rates of Conversion

When compared to traditional advertising and marketing, changing clients on-line isn’t nearly as difficult. All it requires is an interesting online strategy. One huge benefit of the internet and social media structures is that you can efficaciously target your audience. This targeted advertising fantastically will increase the risk of changing users into unswerving customers, so there’s no want to attain out to random people and waste assets and time.


Digital advertising efforts have a tendency to be plenty more low cost than conventional advertising avenues, along with tv commercials or getting listed inside the telephone book. Affordable and high great marketing programs have the capability to send automatic emails to interested customers and improve leads. You additionally have the capability to build a big and dependable patron base in reality the use of on-line platforms and net advertising.

Increased Revenue

It makes sense that as conversion fees improve, sales will boom as a result. If your advertising techniques are effective, you may generate better conversion quotes and bask within the blessings of extra revenue. Make certain that your website or social media profile is easy to navigate, analyze the styles of clients, and attempt to fulfill their desires. By displaying which you care, more customers are in all likelihood to remember your logo truthful and dependable.

Digital marketing is a particularly crucial part of being a cutting-edge commercial enterprise in modern-day world. By curating your social media and interacting with customers on line, you may acquire the advantages of internet advertising.

Things To Remember When Buying Feather Flags

One of the most inexpensive approaches of advertising a emblem and making it visible is using flags. They make excellent gear to make a brand visible seeing that they may be effortlessly positioned in goal areas and they’re also quite low priced in comparison to other modes of marketing. There are so many unique flags designs you may pick from inclusive of teardrop flags, sail, swooper and feather flags. Feather flags are some of the maximum famous.

The feather flags are designed much like a feather with the flag element attaching to a frame. They are quite cutting-edge and effortlessly entice eyes, therefore your message as a emblem gets to be visible. But much like going for another type of flag, there are crucial belongings you have to take into account when buying feather flags and that they consist of the subsequent.

The frame – Considering that feather flags connect to a body to create the lovely feather look, it’s far very vital to recall what cloth the body is made from. Fiberglass is one of the most long lasting and robust frames you could pick out to your flags. Aluminum is also a completely famous material and is extra long lasting as compared to fiberglass even though it is a bit highly-priced. Choose a frame you are sure can resist the different climate conditions, particularly wind so that your message remains seen and relevant no matter what.

Flag hardware – The base is a few of the hardware you can not expect while getting your feather flags. This is what’s going to offer the flag the stableness it needs to fly your message. There are exceptional varieties of bases and you can make your selection by way of thinking about the ground on which you’ll be putting the flag. For instance, floor spikes make very good bases for tender grounds while water fillable bases can be a better preference for hard grounds. You may additionally do not forget tire bases which paintings thoroughly with the feather flags. Apart from the bases, you could also get a flagpole to your flag. The poles come in one-of-a-kind patterns and you may consequently pick in accordance the flag design.

Flag length – The supposed use must of direction decide the dimensions of your feather flag. It is likewise important to pick out a length that matches the areas or space you intend to apply the flag on. Tall feather flags will typically attract human beings as compared to shorter ones and your message can be above hence providing you with a bonus. For flags supposed for entrance utilization, then smaller flags should suffice. If in any respect you’ll be using the flags indoor, then don’t forget ceiling height and choose a size this is just ideal. Considering that these flags have their weight nicely dispensed, you may mess around with the scale, however make certain that the body you pick out can handle the cloth sturdily.

When selecting feather flags, you will also want to make the selection whether or not to print one side or both sides and additionally choose the fabrics and colors carefully to reap the favored effects.


Few Steps to Make Your Own Simple Cleaning Solutions at Home

We are in the new standard, where sanitation and cleanliness are now necessary.

Having little spray bottles of disinfectant solution in your room and on your work site is advisable to hold everything around you sanitized in all potential situations.

It is not just your hands that need washing — everything else, including your smartphones as well as parcels from online deliveries, requires to be washed and cleaned correctly when they reach you.

Make great use of your time during the Quarantine to keep your home clean. From incorporating your air freshener to cleaning carpets, oven, and mirrors, here’s how you can make your regular cleaning solutions at home. Worry not, it’s not rocket science.

Multi-purpose Cleaner

This all-purpose home cleaner can be utilized to wipe furniture, kitchen surfaces, and everything else under the roof. Utilize this solution to cleanse up, scrub and generally disinfect anything, including those delivery boxes that land at your doorstep today.

What you’ll need: 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1tbsp baking soda, 1 liter of warm water, 1/2 a lemon

Scented Cleaning Spray

If you see for a new and pleasant-smelling solution for cleaning, this simple solution can help you clear away general dirty splotches, disinfect trash cans, and even remove hard water spots from any possible surface. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and let it sit for a week in a spray bottle before using the solution. Do not use this acidic cleaner on marble, granite, or stones to avoid etching them.

What you’ll need: 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, lemon rind, rosemary sprigs

Glass Cleaner

Here’s a solution for you to clean mirrors, sliding doors, windows, and other glass surfaces at home. Combine the ingredients and pour them into a spray bottle for easy use. Spray the solution on a soft cloth or paper towel first before wiping those glass surfaces. If you’re attempting to clean your windows, avoid doing it on a hot, sunny day. The solution dries quickly and may leave lots of undesirable streaks.

What you’ll need: 2 cups water, 1/2 cup cider vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol of 70% concentration, 1-2 drops essential oil of choice (we’d recommend orange)

Carpet Freshener

If you find your carpet feeling grimy and need a quick fix, this homemade carpet freshener can help you disinfect, kill fleas and their eggs, and leave the carpet smelling good right after. All you need to do is combine the ingredients well (this is a dry mix) and store it in an airtight container. Sprinkle some of the dry solutions around the carpet or rug, let it sit for approximately 30 minutes, and do a quick vacuum to finish.

What you’ll need: 2 cups Borax, 1 cup baking soda, 10 drops essential oil of choice

Homemade oven cleaner

With so much baking done at home, you should ensure the inside of your oven is always clean and grease-free. Combine the ingredients into a paste and spread all over the internal walls of the oven. In a scrubbing manner, rub the paste generously and leave it overnight. The next day, spray some vinegar on the dried white patches (it will create a foaming effect) before wiping it off with a damp cloth until clean.

What you’ll need: 1/2 cup baking soda, 3 tbsp water, 1/2 cup white vinegar

Disinfectant wipes

Eco-warriors will find this fascinating. Make your disinfectant wipes using recycled cloths; these can be laundered and reused multiple times. Mix the ingredients in a bucket and let the cloth squares soak up all the liquid. You can store in a container and pull out these disinfectant wipes whenever.

What you’ll need: 1 cup water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 8 drops tea tree oil, 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil, eight drops lemon essential oil, 15-20 squares of cloth (from recycled old-shirts or old dish towels)